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This is the first post on, the cloud focused website of Luc van Donkersgoed. I have a few things planned for CloudBanshee, which I will outline in this blog post.


First of all, this website is my place of experimentation and demos. Using this website, I can build and test serverless architectures, logging and monitoring infrastructure, security and more.

Secondly, I think there are two existing online platforms that can be improved upon. The first one is, the second one is the AWS Simple Calculator. I will try to build better alternatives for both, and share the challenges and technical designs on my blog.

Thirdly, I have been writing a significant amount of CloudFormation Custom Resources. These Custom Resources are compatible with any environment deployed with CloudFormation, so I will share them with you on this website.

Lastly, I will use to write blog posts about things I find important: climate change, electric driving, public cloud, and software development.


My name is Luc van Donkersgoed. I'm Dutch, born in 1985, and have been a hardware, software, networking and gaming enthousiast since I was a kid. I learned to type on an IBM AT, I built my first computer around a 300MHz Pentium II, and played my first game on an Atari XE.


In 2011, I achieved a bachelors degree in technical computer sciences. While still in university I founded Coding Dutchmen, a company focused on developing mobile applications - initially only for iPhone (Android didn't exist yet), later also for Android, iPad and Windows Phone. We were best known for the sports apps we build and hosted for Rabobank; Rabo Cycling, Rabo Hockey and #ziningoud. The latter provided live stats and results for all 42 sports of the Olympic Summer Games of London 2012. At its peak, it saw 100.000 simultaneous users.

To host the backend for these data intensive applications, we maintained our own servers. Over the years we grew from a single physical webserver to two full racks of storage, compute and networking hardware. It was my pet project to architect, build and maintain these systems. In these years, I learned an aweful lot about Linux, VMware, TCP/IP, redundancy, backups, NginX, MySQL, and so much more.

At Coding Dutchmen I was also responsible for general management, finance, commerce and HR for about 6 people. After an acquisition, I became responsible for operations management at The Others Online.

After about nine years at Coding Dutchmen / The Others Online, I moved on to Sentia, where I became a AWS Cloud Architect. In my years at Sentia I found that my history as a developer, entrepeneur and systems architect were a perfect foundation for public cloud design in AWS.

As such, I achieved 6 AWS certifications in one year (Developer Associate, Solutions Architect Associate, SysOps Administrator Associate, Solutions Architect Professional, DevOps Engineer Professional, Security Specialist). I also engaged in public speaking opportunities about subjects like Serverless, Advanced VPC Design, Network Traffic Visualization and Building Secure and Cost Effective Data Solutions in AWS. On, I wrote a number of blog posts about fun or challenging subjects. This resulted in Amazon rewarding me the APN Ambassador status.


Get in touch

You can reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Feel free to ask me any question or provide comment on this website.

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